Third meeting of the OXID eShop Usergroup Stuttgart

Third meeting of the OXID eShop Usergroup Stuttgart

On the evening of May 2, 2017, the Stuttgart OXID eShop Usergroup met for its third meeting. This time Verdure GmbH invited to a barbecue over the roofs of Stuttgart's valley basin. Unfortunately, the weather did not allow us to do so and the popular pizza service remained. A colourful mix of OXID eShop developers, SEO's and agency owners attended the meeting. Marco Steinhäuser as Community Manager of OXID eSales, took the long train ride from Leipzig to Stuttgart and guided us through the evening.


Besides topics such as the current three-step rollout of OXID eShop version 6, which is currently starting for OXID eShop partner agencies, questions about SEO plug-ins and the use of GRUNT as TaskRunner in connection with the current OXID eShop template "Flow" were addressed.

It was noticed that some GRUNT are actually used to optimize recurring tasks before or during the deployment of OXID eShop, but the exact areas of application are chosen very differently. Although for the miniaturization of scripts or the reduction of HTTP requests by systematically merging files, up to the complete optimization of generated shop images, almost every application was represented.


Another important point of the evening was a look into the open source future of OXID eShop. Marco Steinhäuser announced that partner agencies would be better integrated into the further development process of OXID eShop through a direct insight into current developments of OXID eSales. A planned access for partner agencies to the GIT repository of the OXID eShop Enterprise Edition, allows potential problems or bugs to be identified during the development process of OXID eShop - a really important step of OXID eSales to become much more transparent.


All in all, the third Usergroup meeting in Stuttgart was an enrichment and we are looking forward to numerous further meetings.

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