OXID Leasing as module extension

OXID Leasing as module extension

The OXID eShop can be easily expanded with finance purchase and installment purchase modules. There are numerous ready-made modules - Billpay, Billsafe and Klarna offer sophisticated factoring solutions that can be used quickly and securely in almost any OXID version. OXID Leasing modules, on the other hand, are not available.

Probably the most different requirements to the leasing software, or the processes and procedures of the individual leasing partners, which change from provider to provider, are responsible for the fact that no individual tool has been spread in the community. In this article we would like to share our experience in developing a leasing module.

Customer order: OXID Leasing Shop Module

Since our OXID extension is an order from a customer, we are subject to various requirements that our software must meet and the current status of the target online shop is slightly different from the OXID standard. The requirements are as follows:

  • Module development for the OXID eShop: Leasing articles, leasing offers in the OXID eShop
  • Calculation of the respective leasing rate based on leasing factors
  • Leasing factors individually per leasing period (leasing time) and predefined price ranges
  • Tabular display of the leasing conditions on the OXID article detail page
  • For OXID leasing, all purchasable variants are taken into account.


However, before the development starts, the extent to which the enhancement can be built as generally applicable as possible is evaluated. If the customer changes the leasing partner or the leasing conditions change, the OXID module should be able to react flexibly to this and ideally, the software code should not need to be adapted at all. Of course, this cannot be completely guaranteed and major changes or formula changes can never be ruled out.

Use module Settings Tab

In the module settings, the OXID Leasing Calculator offers to maintain leasing factors for the common terms and price scales. You can enter a minimum merchandise value and a maximum merchandise value for leasing offers, which you can use to control limits for the display in the frontend. Many leasing partners offer their own offer calculators. These external leasing calculators can be made accessible to the customer in the frontend via a URL in the module settings. The following screenshot shows the module settings. Demo and demonstration products represent customer-specific adjustments.

Oxid Leasing Rechner - Admin Moduleinstellungen

The Frontend

In the customer's front-end the display was requested, as can be seen on the next screenshot. However, as always, the design can be individually modified with CSS or template adjustments.

Oxid Leasingrechner - Moduldarstellung Frontend Artikel Detailseite

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