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Shopping cart abandonments can be a big problem for online merchants as they prevent potential sales and thus reduce revenue. However, in the OXID eShop there are a few ways to avoid these abandonments and increase the conversion rate.

One way to avoid shopping cart abandonment is to offer different payment options. By providing different payment methods, such as credit card, PayPal or bank transfer, you can ensure that customers find a payment method that suits them.

Another option is to offer vouchers and discounts. By providing special offers and discounts, you can motivate customers to complete the purchase. Offering free shipping or returns can also help prevent shopping cart abandonment.

An important factor in shopping cart abandonment is also the usability of the website. Make sure that navigation is intuitive and simple and that all important information is easily accessible. Page loading times should also be as short as possible so as not to try the patience of customers.

Another important aspect is transparency about costs. Make sure that all costs incurred, such as shipping costs or taxes, are clearly stated from the beginning. This way you avoid surprises and disappointed customers who abandon the purchase.

Here are five tips on how you can counteract shopping cart abandonment:

Include a live chat feature: A live chat feature allows customers to communicate directly with the support team and resolve any questions or issues quickly and easily. This can help ensure that customers don't abandon the shopping cart, but instead complete their purchase.

Include customer reviews and opinions: By including customer reviews and opinions, prospective customers can get a realistic idea of the products and thus better decide for or against a purchase.

Carry out a mobile optimisation of the website: More and more people are using the internet from their mobile devices. Therefore, it is important that the website also works well on mobile devices and is user-friendly. This prevents customers from abandoning the shopping cart because they have difficulty using the website.

Offer a personalised customer approach: By offering personalised offers and recommendations that are tailored to customers' individual needs and interests, you can make them feel that the company is important to them and that they feel valued as customers.

Respond quickly to any technical problems: If customers encounter technical problems during the checkout process, this can lead to them abandoning the shopping cart. Therefore, it is important to fix any technical problems quickly to avoid losing customers.

In conclusion, there are many ways to avoid shopping cart abandonment in the OXID eShop. By offering different payment options, vouchers and discounts, a user-friendly website and transparency about costs, you can help more customers complete their purchase and thus increase the conversion rate.

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