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Captchas are an important part of the internet to prevent spam and automated attacks. They ensure that only genuine users can access websites and register. However, in recent years captchas have become an annoying obstacle for users, especially when using Google ReCaptcha and similar services.

To solve this problem, CloudFlare has introduced Turnstile, a new type of captcha that provides invisible verification.

Where is a captcha normally used?

A captcha is a test designed to ensure that an action on a website is performed by a human user and not a bot. Typically, captchas are used when registering on websites, logging in or entering forms.

Most captchas present a user with the task of entering a specific word or combination of numbers into a text field that cannot normally be read by a computer program.

What are the disadvantages of using Google ReCaptcha and Co?

Google ReCaptcha and similar services have some disadvantages, however. Users often have to solve complex tasks, such as marking certain elements on a page or clicking on a particular element. This can be very annoying for some users and lead to them turning away from the website.

In addition, users may also be unable to access a website due to an incorrect captcha, resulting in a negative user experience.

What are the benefits of Turnstile?

Turnstile offers a new type of captcha solution that provides invisible verification. This means that users do not have to solve any tasks to access a website.

Instead, Turnstile automatically checks whether an access originates from a bot or a human user and blocks access if necessary. This allows for secure verification without compromising the user experience.

What are the benefits of switching to the Turnstile solution for my OXID shop?

Switching to the Turnstile solution offers numerous benefits for an OXID shop. One of the biggest benefits is the improvement of the user experience. Since users don't have to solve complex tasks, conversion on the website can be increased, whether it's user registration or contact through a contact form.

Furthermore, the integration of Turnstile into the OXID shop is very simple and user-friendly, which saves time and nerves. In addition, Turnstile offers a high level of security and protection against automated attacks, which is of great importance for an online shop.


In conclusion, Turnstile offers an invisible and user-friendly captcha solution that provides secure verification without compromising the user experience. The Netensio plugin provides a cost-effective and easy-to-integrate solution for OXID shops.

So if you are looking for a better captcha solution, Turnstile based on CloudFlare is definitely worth considering.

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