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For OXID shop operators, it is crucial to be able to handle customer concerns and problem reports promptly, effectively and professionally. For this reason, we would like to introduce our OXID module "Login as customer from OXID eShop Administration" today.

This Netensio module enables administrators to directly access customer accounts in the shop frontend without having to know or have previously edited the customer password and without compromising the security of your online shop.

Core functions of the module

The module simplifies the daily routine of shop operators and administrators by allowing them to log into the selected customer account directly from the OXID Admin user management. This allows them to react quickly to customer enquiries, identify any problems in the customer account and make corrections if necessary.

This not only contributes to more efficient customer care, but also promotes higher customer satisfaction through better and more professional support options.

Problem solving through targeted tracking of user problems

With our module, shop operators and administrators can specifically track problems that only occur with individual users and might otherwise not be reproducible with their own test accounts.

This greatly facilitates error analysis and correction by making it possible to track the actual user experience and make appropriate adjustments or corrections. Shop operators can thus easily ensure that their online shop functions smoothly and offers an optimal shopping experience for all customers.

Security is a priority

As security is of utmost importance in e-commerce, we have made sure that our module meets the highest security standards. Administrators do not need a customer password to log in to the customer account, as asking for login details would be completely frivolous.

Instead, they simply select the account, press a button sound and are securely logged in provided they match a customisable security token that is set in the system to ensure no unauthorised access can occur. This protects both the customers and the shop operator from possible security risks such as hacker attacks and harmful bots.

A sensible investment for your shop

With our "Login as customer from OXID eShop Administration" module, we offer shop operators a practical and secure solution to improve their customer care and make customer support more efficient. With direct access to customer accounts in the shop frontend, administrators can quickly address customer concerns, identify and resolve errors, and offer individual solutions tailored to each customer's needs.

The easy integration of our module into the OXID eShop and the high level of security through the use of security tokens make it an ideal extension for any online shop. With this module, shop operators can optimise their customer service, increase their customer satisfaction and ultimately also sustainably promote the success of their online shop.

Our OXID module is therefore a sensible investment for shop operators who want to professionalise their customer care and offer their customers a smooth, pleasant shopping experience. In today's increasingly competitive e-commerce environment, effective and efficient customer care can make all the difference and help to retain customers in the long term.

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