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The digital world offers many advantages, but also some disadvantages. One of the biggest disadvantages is that customers cannot physically touch or try out products. This is especially a problem when shopping online. Customers are often unsure whether the product they want to buy really looks good, feels good or how it looks in reality. This is where interactive product visualisation comes in.

Why interactive product visualisation is important

Interactive product visualisation is a technology that allows customers to view and experience products from different angles. It helps customers get a better understanding of the product and imagine it better. This enables them to make a better purchase decision.

3D models: Realistic representation of products

3D models are one of the best ways to represent products online. They offer a realistic representation of the product from different perspectives. Customers can rotate the product and view it from all sides. This gives them a better picture of the product and makes it easier to imagine.

360-degree views: A complete view of the product

360-degree views are another way to present products interactively. Customers can view the product from all angles and get a better picture of it. It is as if they are physically holding the product in their hands.

Other interactive elements: Augmented reality and virtual rooms

Besides 3D models and 360-degree views, there are other interactive elements that can show products online. Augmented reality (AR) is a technology that allows customers to see products in the real world. Virtual rooms are a way to display products in a virtual environment.

Technical implementation: What it takes to realise interactive product visualisation

Interactive product visualisation requires special technology. It needs 3D modelling, software to create 360-degree views, AR technology and virtual environments. It also requires good integration with the online shop so that customers can easily find and view the products.

Measuring success: how interactive product visualisation affects sales

Interactive product visualisation can have an impact on sales. One study showed that products presented with 3D models or 360-degree views have higher sales than products presented with images only. Customers are more likely to buy products if they can get a better picture of them.


Interactive product visualisation is a great way to display products online. It helps customers get a better understanding of the product and imagine it better. It can also have a positive impact on sales. It is an investment in the future of online shopping.

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