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For the online shop, it is important to be compatible for all common browsers in 2023 in order to reach the largest possible customer base. This includes in particular the browsers Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Safari for desktop computers as well as Google Chrome, Safari and Mozilla Firefox for mobile devices.

User statistics over the last 5 years

Over the last 5 years, desktop browser usage has changed somewhat, with Google Chrome remaining the most used browser. However, the new Microsoft Edge has also gained popularity and has become an important browser option for online shop owners. On mobile devices, browser usage has also changed slightly, with Google Chrome and Safari remaining the most popular options.

It is important that the online shop is compatible for all of these browsers in order to reach the largest possible customer base. It is worth checking browser statistics regularly to ensure that the online shop remains up to date and accessible to the most users.

Current statistics

According to statistics, Google Chrome has a market share of around 68% among desktop browsers as of December 2022. Mozilla Firefox has a share of around 9%, Microsoft Edge has around 6% and Safari has around 4%.

Among mobile browsers, Google Chrome also has the largest market share with around 67%. Safari has a share of around 20% and Mozilla Firefox has around 5%.

Please note that these figures can change over time and it is worth checking the current statistics regularly. Nevertheless, the online shop should be compatible for all the browsers mentioned in order to be able to reach as large a customer base as possible.

There are various sources to determine the current market shares of browsers. One popular option is the website "StatCounter Global Stats", which provides worldwide statistics on the most used browsers and operating systems. It also offers the option to view statistics for specific countries or regions.

Another option is the "NetMarketShare" website, which provides market shares of browsers, operating systems and other technologies. It also offers the possibility to filter the statistics by device type, such as desktop computers or mobile devices.

It is worth checking several sources to get the most accurate picture of current market shares. It is important to note that figures from different sources can vary slightly and therefore an average should be taken.

Older browser versions are still in use

It is important to note that not all users always use the latest browser versions. Especially in large companies or organisations, older systems are often used, which may use older browser versions. Also, some users may prefer older browsers out of habit or because they are more familiar with them.

Older browser versions may be less secure than newer versions and therefore may be avoided by users at the same time. To ensure that users can take advantage of the latest security features, we recommend that they update their browsers regularly and actively alert your visitors to this fact.

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