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Customer success story

For the joy of swimming

A large and satisfied customer base through a professionally designed online shop

As the operators of the online shop Poolexperte , we are thrilled with our long-standing collaboration with Netensio. When we decided to expand our business online a few years ago, we were looking for an e-commerce agency that could give us a helping hand. We wanted a professional and user-friendly shop that would enable our customers to find the products they were looking for quickly and easily. With Netensio we found a strong partner who could deliver exactly that.

Over the years, we have built up a successful cooperation with Netensio. Our online shop has been able to build up a large and satisfied customer base, and our sales have increased significantly. Thanks to the professional support of Netensio, the Poolexperte online shop has been able to significantly expand its presence on the Internet.

We have become measurably more successful through strategic optimisation measures

An important factor for success was the optimisation of shop usability. Netensio took numerous measures to ensure that customers could use the shop intuitively and that the product search was as simple and fast as possible. This enabled our customers to find and buy the desired products more quickly. Loading times were also significantly optimised, resulting in a better user experience across the entire site.

Another important factor was the search engine optimisation of our platform. Netensio ensured that the online shop was well positioned in the most important search engines and could be found by our customers. This enabled us to significantly increase the visibility of Poolexperte on the internet and move more visitors to our site.

All in all, with Netensio we have an impressive partner at our side who has always helped us to run our business successfully on the internet and to expand it technically more and more. We would like to thank them for the great cooperation and are convinced that we will continue to launch exciting projects together in the future.


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