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Reviews Manager for OXID eShop

Manage your shop ratings conveniently via the OXID eShop Administration. Much more convenient than the standard rating integration of the shop system, you always have a central overview of your ratings.
Reviews Manager for OXID eShop
149,00 €
plus VAT

Single shop license

For OXID eShop with one storefront. PHP code files are encrypted.

  • Product group: OXID extension
  • Oxid version: CE / PE / EE 4.10.x - 6.x
  • PHP version: PHP 5.x - PHP 7.4
  • IonCube Loader (free): IonCube loader needed
  • Usecase: Content
  • Licencing options: Retail version
249,00 €
plus VAT

Retail version (open source)

For OXID multishop systems or several individually operated OXID shops.

  • Product group: OXID extension
  • Oxid version: CE / PE / EE 4.10.x - 6.x
  • PHP version: PHP 5.x - PHP 8.x
  • IonCube Loader (free): no IonCube required
  • Usecase: Content
  • Licencing options: Retail version (open source)
Image Description

OXID eShop Module: Ratings Manager

With the Rating Manager for OXID eShop, you have the ability to fully manage and control your product ratings. You can correct spelling mistakes, check the visibility of your shop reviews in one central location without having to navigate to the individual items.

Other functions include creating reviews to add to the shop from external portals and assigning authors and reviewed products. All this can be done conveniently via the shop administration, and the assignment of ratings to products can be done using drag & drop lists, as you know it from the product assignment to categories.

Some advantages of this OXID module extension are:

  • Complete control: you have the ability to manage and control all aspects of your product reviews.
  • Spelling error correction: You can correct spelling errors in reviews directly to ensure a more professional presentation.
  • Centralised management: You can manage all reviews in one central location and save yourself the trouble of navigating to individual items.
  • Easy assignment: Assessments can be assigned to products using familiar drag & drop lists.

In case of a system change to OXID eShop, it can be helpful to use the OXID Rating Manager to transfer your ratings from the old system to OXID eShop.

This gives you the opportunity to reliably prepare your data and have full control without having to have programming knowledge.

The OXID Rating Manager offers a number of functions that can be helpful when transferring ratings from the old to the new system. These include, for example, the ability to correct spelling mistakes in ratings and to control the visibility of ratings in a central location.

Supported languages

  • Supports: German German
  • Supports: English English


Frequently asked questions

No, absolutely not! Netensio develops modular software - that means we overlay and extend the existing shop functionality without changing the file structure of the Oxid eShop. Using our software you can also install Oxid updates without any problems, the Netensio software remains unaffected.
All Netensio 30-day trial versions that you purchase in the official online shop at Netensio .de are absolutely free of charge for you. They are provided as a download. Depending on the network operator, costs may be incurred for the download transfer; please refer to your contract documents. If you are using a volume tariff, the expected file size of the download package is displayed next to the download button of the module.
Exactly one use per shop system is possible per licence purchased. Additional licences can be purchased at a reduced price.
After you have completed the ordering process, you can access the licence management via your personal user account. All software licences purchased with your user account Netensio are listed in the licence management. If you have not yet created a licence file, you can generate a licence file for the respective order here. Please note that for the creation of full versions, the payment of the order must have been confirmed by us. With payment methods like Paypal you will get immediate access to your software licence.
Of course! Netensio attaches great importance to intuitive user control and easy-to-use software. However, if you are still at a loss, we will be happy to help you on our numerous information pages. In addition, every Netensio software comes with an installation and user manual in Adobe PDF format.
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