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In the shop administration, OXID eShop provides you with the option of creating different shipping types and combining them with payment types and shipping rules. However, there is not much functionality in the design of shipping types. Only the title/description field offers the possibility of text display in the order process, one wishes for further data fields. Our OXID module enables the assignment of a CMS page to a shipping type and converts the display from a selection list to a "RadioGroup".

Why a link between shipping types and OXID CMS pages makes sense

The ordering process of an online shop should be as coherent as possible for the customer. Many shops achieve this through extra content pages on shipping and payment methods, on which visitors receive all the necessary information on these topics. In the ordering process, it is all the more important to be able to place information on shipping methods where it is needed; a change to another shop page should be avoided as much as possible. Flexibility in handling content is also very important, which is why we decided to link shipping methods to CMS pages instead of expanding the shipping methods purely with text fields.

The advantage is obvious

  • Both existing CMS content and new CMS pages can be integrated.
  • You work in the familiar OXID CMS structure.

The assignment within the OXID eShop administration is as simple as this

If you want to assign an existing CMS page, simply copy the "IDENT" of the CMS area into the "IDENT" field within the shipping types. The CMS container will then be displayed when the shipping type is active.

Das Modul erweitert die Oxid Administration um eine Zuweisungsmöglichkeit für CMS-Ident Codes.

Any existing or new CMS content in the shop can be displayed.

Maintain the content of the OXID shipping type long text and descriptions as you are already used to from OXID's "CMS pages". Under "Customer information" - "CMS pages" you can use images, links, HTML and even SMARTY code just as with other CMS areas. This way you remain flexible in presentation and content and your WYSIWYG editor does not need any code adaptation. Another advantage of using CMS areas is the automatic multi-language capability, which saves us an additional database field for each language in the database table.

Beschreibungstexte pflegen Sie wie im Oxid Standart unter CMS Seiten

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