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We are very pleased to inform you today about a significant improvement of our currency interface to the European Central Bank for OXID eShops, which can have a positive impact on the applicability and efficiency of your OXID eShop. After extensive adaptation and optimisation processes, we are proud to announce that our software is now fully compatible with the latest version 7 of the proven OXID eShop platform.

This further development represents an important milestone for us in the continuous improvement and optimisation of our products. It also opens up new opportunities for you to enhance the performance of your e-commerce business and increase the added value of your OXID shop in version 7.

We are convinced that this improvement, both in terms of compatibility and in terms of the resulting optimisation of currency adjustment, represents an important step to further promote the effectiveness and efficiency of your online commerce.

Our commitment to your online performance

The role of currency conversion and updating is critical in the global e-commerce landscape and can hardly be overestimated. Our currency interface acts as a link between your shop and current exchange rates, allowing you to manage a variety of currencies in real time.

With our currency interface, we can provide accurate and up-to-date exchange rate information. This has a positive impact on the shopping experience of your international customers and enables an improved user experience through accurate pricing in different currencies.

Our currency interface for OXID eShops is designed to improve your management of international transactions and provide you with up-to-date exchange rates. Implementing our interface allows for an enhanced display of currency data, boosting user engagement and conversion rates.

The digital landscape is an ever-changing field and user requirements are constantly adapting to this dynamic environment. With this in mind, we place great emphasis on continuously developing our interface and ensuring that it meets the constant changes and evolving requirements. Our goal is to always offer our customers the best and most up-to-date solution for their needs.

Compatibility with OXID eShop 7

OXID eShop version 7 presents an evolved and refined design to comprehensively optimise the digital commerce experience. With an expanded range of enhancements and newly designed features, it opens the door to an auspicious era of e-commerce. In this context, we have made it our mission to update and adapt our currency interface to interact seamlessly with these innovative advances.

We are therefore pleased to announce that our currency interface to the European Central Bank is now fully compatible with OXID eShop 7. This is not only a technical upgrade, but symbolises our consistent commitment to accompany and support you in the ever-changing digital landscape.

By adapting our currency interface to OXID eShop 7, exchange rate data can be used more efficiently and in a more targeted manner. This data plays a crucial role in providing correct prices to international customers. This optimised display can help improve the customer experience and increase your conversion rate.

Compatibility with OXID 7 only with the unencrypted full version

OXID eShop 7 places a technological emphasis on the use of PHP 8, a deliberate move aimed at improving the performance and scalability of the platform and meeting the ever-changing needs of the digital business world. To help you take full advantage of these benefits, we have optimised our currency interface accordingly. For this specific technological reason, the compatibility of our currency interface with OXID eShop 7 is offered exclusively for the unencrypted full version.

Our path continues, also with OXID eShop 7

In a market that is increasingly driven by the accuracy and timeliness of exchange rates, the use of our currency interface plays a crucial role in increasing your international sales. With our currency interface now fully compatible with OXID eShop 7, you have the ability to offer your international customers accurate prices in their local currency.

However, our commitment to your success does not end with the provision of our software. As your e-commerce partner, we place great importance on accompanying and supporting you on your digital journey. Therefore, our competent and dedicated team is ready to support you every step of the way, answering your questions and addressing your concerns.

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