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In recent years, the trend from light fashion to dark fashion has prevailed in many areas. This also applies to shop templates used by online retailers. Both modes have their advantages and disadvantages, which we will examine in more detail in this blog post.

Advantages of Light Mode

Light Mode is the classic way to display a website. It is bright and friendly and makes it easier to read text. This is especially important for online shops, as customers usually need to read longer texts to understand and compare products. A light colour scheme also promotes customer confidence in the shop, as it is perceived as serious and professional.

Advantages of Dark Mode

Dark Mode has become increasingly popular in recent years. A dark background reduces eye strain and is especially more comfortable at night or in dark rooms. Dark Mode can also be a relief for people with light-sensitive eyes. In addition, it can help products stand out better and thus be easier to find. Energy consumption is also reduced when using Dark Mode, as brighter LEDs require more energy.

Disadvantages of Light Mode

One disadvantage of Light Mode is that it can cause eye strain more quickly, especially if you spend a long time on a bright website. A light colour scheme can also make products less visible and therefore harder to find or sell.

Disadvantages of Dark Mode

One disadvantage of dark mode is that it can be more tiring to follow and read text. This can be particularly problematic for older people or people with impaired vision. A dark colour scheme can also have a negative impact on customers' trust in the shop, as it can be perceived as unserious or unprofessional. However, this varies greatly from industry to industry and in different target groups.


Light Mode and Dark Mode have both advantages and disadvantages for online shops. It is important to consider the needs of the customers and adjust the colour scheme accordingly. While Light Mode provides a bright and friendly display and promotes customer confidence, Dark Mode provides a more pleasing user experience for the eyes and can help products stand out more. It would be best if online shop operators provide an option for customers to choose which type of display they prefer. This way, they can offer the best possible user experience and at the same time increase customer confidence.

Additionally, it is important to note that the default setting of the online shop should be set to Light Mode. This is because most people are used to seeing websites in a light colour scheme and immediately find their way around. It is also important to note that older people or people with impaired vision may have difficulty reading text on a dark background. Therefore, it is best to leave the default setting on Light Mode and give clients the option to switch to Dark Mode if they wish.

It is also important that switching between modes is seamless and that the button for switching between Light and Dark Mode is easily accessible. This makes it easier for your customers to change modes if their eyes get tired or if they prefer a certain type of display.

Overall, it can be concluded that online shops should offer both modes to provide the best possible user experience for all customers. A default setting of Light Mode and the option to switch to Dark Mode is common practice and the best solution to address both customer needs and trust in the shop.

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