Offer microdata for google shopping datafeeds

Offer microdata for your google shopping ads

To offer a good user experience beside your published google shopping datafeed, valid, actual and rich data should be provided together with your target and product pages that are sent to google merchant center for linking to your webshop.

Latency made this difficult in the past. Differences between the last google shopping export or upload and price or stock changes lead the user to premature exit your page before conversion.

With the microdata provided in your html markup, these days are gone. offers are product data structured in a way the user does not see and the crawler can read to update data even if you did not upload a feed an meanwhile changed product or stock data. In the past, latency could lead to a temporarily deactivation of your product data in google shopping if google detected issues or differences in price or shipping or stock information. A scenario no one of us wanted ever to experience.

Google recommends using microdata markup on shopping target pages

Within this screenshot you can see how google wants you to embed markup to your target landing pages for google shopping.

This is markup data visible for the google bot and only for the bot, it is invisible for real visitors.

OXID eShop extension: Google Merchant Center

Our google shopping feed export did extend only administrative pages in the past. With the microdata support, it now invisible extends product landing pages with data for offering product information to the google bot. The microdata gets embedded by appending a standard OXID eShop template block called: “details_prodcutmain_tobasket”.

The block is formerly used for displaying the to cart button in oxid eshop, so it is shourly embedded if you are using flow theme or azure or roxive or some other third party template. The embedded data is strict as google needs it to update your product on website crawltime.

On this image we show you how to activate the microdata for your OXID eShop within our software extension

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