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OXID eShop is a powerful e-commerce software developed by OXID eSales and is ideal for running online shops. With OXID eShop, companies can create and operate a professional and user-friendly online shop that enables them to sell their products and services online.

One of the main features of OXID eShop is its flexibility and adaptability. The software is able to adapt to the needs and requirements of businesses of all sizes and industries. Whether you run a small online shop for your sole proprietorship or want to build a large online shop for a corporation - OXID eShop offers the necessary functions and tools to run your online shop successfully.

Another important feature of OXID eShop is its user-friendliness. The software is intuitive and easy to use, so that even people without technical know-how can handle it without any problems. With OXID eShop you can easily add new products, change prices, manage orders and much more. The design of your online shop is also very easy to adapt with OXID eShop. You can choose from various designs and layouts and adapt them to your individual requirements.

Another advantage of OXID eShop is its integration with other systems and platforms. The software is able to seamlessly integrate into existing systems and processes and offers numerous interfaces to external services and applications. For example, you can easily synchronise your product data with other platforms such as Amazon or eBay or link your online shop with your merchandise management system.

Another plus of OXID eShop is its security. The software is regularly updated and constantly improved to ensure that your online shop is protected against attacks and threats.

OXID eShop also offers numerous options for search engine optimisation (SEO). The software is built in such a way that it can be easily found by search engines and thus enables you to appear higher up in the search results. For example, you can set meta tags and titles for your products and pages to make them easier for search engines to find.

OXID eShop's customer service is also worth highlighting. The company offers extensive documentation and instructions to help you set up and manage your online shop. However, should you ever have any questions or problems, the OXID eSales support team is always available. You can contact them either by email or phone and get advice from the experts.

In summary, OXID eShop is a powerful e-commerce software that is ideal for running online shops. It offers numerous functions and tools to successfully run your online shop and also offers flexibility and adaptability to the individual needs of your business. Integration with other systems and platforms as well as security and search engine optimisation are also important factors in favour of OXID eShop. So if you want to create and run a professional and user-friendly online shop, OXID eShop is an excellent choice.

Another advantage of OXID eShop is the extensive partner network that the company has built up. This network consists of numerous agencies and service providers who specialise in working with OXID eShop and support companies in setting up and managing their online shop.

So if you need technical support in setting up or further developing your online shop, you can contact one of these agencies. The local experts have extensive knowledge of e-commerce and can help you realise your goals and achieve your business objectives.

In addition to technical support, many agencies in the OXID eShop partner network also offer services such as creating individual designs and layouts, integrating payment and shipping services or setting up marketing and analysis tools. This way you can be sure that you are supported by professionals in the creation and operation of your online shop.

Overall, the OXID eShop partner network offers a wide range of possibilities and support options for companies that want to run an online shop. Whether you need technical help or would like to make use of professional services - you are guaranteed to find the right offer for your needs in the OXID eShop partner network.

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