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The moment has come, today we are happy to present the latest update of our proven module "Robots.txt Editor" for the OXID eShop. What is this module and why is it so crucial for your online shop? The answer is simple: It gives you the flexibility to customise the robots.txt file directly from the administration of the OXID eShop. This helps maximise your SEO potential and efficiently control search engine access to your website.

Over the years, the "Robots.txt Editor" module has earned an excellent reputation in our portfolio. It gives you the control to optimise the visible content of your shop for search engines and ensure that only relevant pages are indexed. The result? Improved SEO results, more traffic and, with a bit of luck, a higher conversion rate. With the current update, we once again underline our commitment to the continuous improvement and optimisation of our products. The updated version of the "Robots.txt Editor" module for OXID eShop 7 represents a significant step here. It offers advanced features to control the interaction with search engines and optimise your SEO result.

A correctly configured robots.txt file plays a crucial role in search engine optimisation and the overall web presence of your shop. For this reason, we have worked hard on our updated module, improved it further and released it for you today. This module provides complete control over your robots.txt file, improving your shop's interaction with search engines.

Compatibility with OXID eShop 7

OXID eSales is known for the meticulous development of its shop software and is constantly striving to expand the horizons of the e-commerce industry. This momentum is driven by the dedicated team at OXID eSales, which is known for constantly pushing and challenging the conventional boundaries of its own software.

We, too, face the challenges that OXID eShop 7 brings with enthusiasm and optimism. They are an incentive for us to constantly develop further, to constantly improve and to increase our performance.

In this spirit, we provide continuous updates for our modules to ensure that they are always up to date and meet all the requirements of the OXID eShop platform. As an OXID eSales partner agency, we see this as a crucial commitment to our loyal customers.

We are pleased to have reached the next milestone on this path: the full compatibility of our "Robots.txt Editor" module with OXID eShop 7. This is the result of a careful and comprehensive optimisation of our software to perfectly match the specific requirements and possibilities of this innovative platform. This milestone once again underlines our passion for innovation and our relentless commitment to deliver the best solutions in OXID e-commerce for our customers.

Compatibility with OXID eShop 7 only with the unencrypted module full version

In order to take full advantage of the advanced features of OXID eShop 7 and PHP 8, we have made extensive optimisations to our module. This revised version of the module is available to you exclusively as an unencrypted full version. This allows you to customise the module as you wish while taking full advantage of the latest developments in the PHP programming language and the OXID eShop platform.

The "Robots.txt Editor" module plays a crucial role in this context and helps you to improve and simplify the search engine optimisation of your shop. By effectively customising your robots.txt file, you can optimise your SEO results and further promote the growth of your shop.

We see ourselves as your partner in the OXID digital landscape and are committed to working with you to realise the full potential of the OXID eShop platform. With the right use of our "Robots.txt Editor" module, together we can achieve further success in the e-commerce industry and further optimise your online presence.

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