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Today is the day, we can present you the latest update of our OXID eShop File Upload Manager Module for OXID eShop. What is this module and why is it important for your online shop? The answer is simple: It supports you in facilitating the management and allocation of file uploads such as data sheets or operating instructions. And how does it achieve this? By simply assigning them to shop categories, shop items or a combination of shop items of a certain category that have certain attribute/value pairs.

Over the years, the OXID eShop File Upload Manager has excelled in our portfolio due to its high usefulness and ease of use. It aims to make your shop more attractive by providing important files and information. Instead of making your customers search for these files, the module provides a central and easily accessible platform. This is much more than a simple upload manager - it is an effective tool to improve the shopping experience and increase customer satisfaction.

With the current update, we once again underline our commitment to the continuous improvement and optimisation of our products. The updated module for OXID eShop 7 is a significant step forward in this regard. It offers you extended functions to improve file management and optimise the shopping experience in your shop.

The targeted presentation and management of files is a decisive factor for customer satisfaction and the success of your online shop. That is why we have put a lot of work into our revised module, optimised it code-wise and released it for you today.

Compatibility with OXID eShop 7

OXID eSales is known for the constant development of its shop software. These developments spur us on to constantly evolve and improve.

In this spirit, we provide continuous updates for our modules to ensure they are always up to date. As an OXID eSales partner agency, we see this as a crucial commitment to our clients.

Our latest milestone on this journey is the full compatibility of our OXID eShop File Upload Manager with OXID eShop 7. This milestone once again underlines our passion for innovation and our relentless commitment.

Compatibility with OXID eShop 7 only with the unencrypted module full version

As part of our drive for continuous improvement, we have made extensive tweaks to our module. This revised version of the module is only available to you as an unencrypted full version. This allows you to customise the module as you wish. If you are a customer of the encrypted full version, we will be happy to assist you in case of a licence change.

With the right use of our module, together we can achieve further success in the e-commerce industry. We see ourselves as your partner in the digital OXID landscape and are determined to work with you to realise the full potential of the OXID eShop platform.

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