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We are very pleased to present a significant optimisation of our OXID module, which can further positively influence the performance and efficiency of your OXID eShop. After extensive adjustments and improvements, we are proud to announce that our Google Indexing Control module is now fully compatible with the latest OXID eShop version 7.

This further development is a significant milestone for us in the consistent optimisation of our products. At the same time, we are opening up new possibilities for you as a user to improve your Google performance and increase the added value of your OXID 7 shop.

We firmly believe that this optimisation, both in terms of compatibility and improving search engine indexing, is an important contribution to increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of your online business.

Our commitment to your online visibility

In the field of search engine optimisation, the control of the "Robots" MetaTag plays a crucial role. This feature serves as a link between your website and its visibility in search engines and allows you to specifically influence the indexation of your article and category pages.

With our OXID module, we can offer precise control options for indexing by search engines. This helps to improve the control of web crawlers for your articles and categories and enables a more targeted ranking in search results.

Our OXID module is designed to improve your control over search engine indexing and give you deeper insights into search engine optimisation opportunities. Implementing our module allows for advanced indexation control, promoting ranking adaptability and a visibility control layer for your shop.

OXID eShop is constantly changing and the requirements for software modules are continuously adapting to this dynamic. Keeping pace with this dynamic, we strive to constantly develop our modules and ensure that they meet the constant changes and evolving requirements. Our goal is to always be able to offer you, our customers, the best and most up-to-date solution for your requirements.

We remain true to our philosophy of being at the forefront of technological innovation while providing our customers with the best possible service to secure their investment in OXID eShop and increase your e-commerce success . Our Google Index Control module is one of the key tools in our technology portfolio.

Compatibility with OXID eShop 7

The OXID eShop version 7 presents itself with many further developments and improvements to optimise the digital retail experience and to raise it to a new level technologically. In this context, we have taken it upon ourselves to update and adapt our module to work seamlessly with these innovative advancements.

We are therefore pleased to announce that our Google Index Control module is now fully compatible with OXID eShop 7. This optimised compatibility guarantees a smooth integration and harmonious interaction between Netensio module and OXID eShop 7.

By adapting our software to the updated OXID eShop 7, the indexing in search engines can also be controlled more efficiently and specifically in the new OXID eShop. This targeted control level helps to specifically control the visibility of your online shop and influence your presence in the search results.

However, our primary goal is not just to provide modern tools. Rather, we are concerned with enabling you to effectively achieve your e-commerce goals and sustainably expand your business. Through the compatibility of our module with OXID eShop 7, we support you in making the most of the opportunities and possibilities available to you. Our tireless efforts, know-how and expertise ultimately serve only one purpose: to strengthen your online business and accelerate your success.

Compatibility with OXID 7 only with the unencrypted full version

OXID eShop 7 places technological emphasis on the use of PHP 8, a deliberate move aimed at improving the performance and scalability of the platform. To help you take full advantage of this, we have optimised our software accordingly. For this specific technological reason, the compatibility of our Google Index Control module with OXID eShop 7 is offered exclusively for the unencrypted full version.

The unencrypted full version of our module represents the ultimate expression of flexibility and adaptability in our product portfolio. It has been designed and developed to allow a high degree of customisation and to take your specific requirements and preferences fully into account. With this version of our module, you have the possibility to make changes and adjustments that are specifically tailored to your needs without having to engage us as a manufacturer.

Our journey continues with OXID eShop 7

In a market that is increasingly characterised by the precision and efficiency of search engine indexing, the use of our Google Index Control module plays a crucial role in expanding your online presence. Now fully compatible with OXID eShop 7, our module gives you the opportunity to optimise your search engine visibility, effectively driving a growing number of potential customers to your website.

These advances are not only steps towards improved online performance, but also crucial to your success. Your success is our success and together we can make the most of the OXID eShop world. Our journey with OXID eShop version 7 continues and we will of course take you along for the ride! With our Google Index control module and our dedicated support team at your side, you are well equipped to move one hurdle closer to the challenges and opportunities of e-commerce.

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