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A well-written SEO meta description can help your OXID eShop to be found better in search engines. It should therefore be clear, concise and appealing.

Let's start with the Meta Descriptions for articles. These should primarily serve to give the user a brief overview of the content of the article. Therefore, use meaningful and appropriate keywords that describe the article well. Avoid using too many keywords, as this will quickly become confusing. A good example would be: "This high-quality automatic coffee machine from Nespresso offers you a large selection of coffee variations and is also suitable for coffee beginners due to its simple operation.

You should proceed similarly with meta descriptions for categories. Give the user an overview of the items that are in the category and use meaningful keywords to do so. An example would be: "In our category for kitchen appliances you will find a large selection of high-quality coffee machines, toasters and mixers from well-known manufacturers."

The meta description for the start page of your OXID eShop is particularly important, as it is usually the first thing users read. It should therefore be short and concise and get to the heart of what your shop has to offer. Avoid including too much information, as this can quickly overwhelm the user. An example would be: "In our shop you will find a large selection of high-quality household appliances from renowned manufacturers at attractive prices. Browse through our range now and find the right appliance for your needs."

A few more tips to create an excellently written SEO Meta Description:

Don't use filler words like "a" or "the" as they waste space. Don't use capital letters as this can be seen as a cry for attention. Avoid starting the meta description with "Here you will find..." or similar phrases, as these are not very meaningful and do not appeal to the user. Do not use brand or product names that are not understandable to the user. Instead, explain what the product can do and what benefits it offers. Try to limit the Meta Description to 160 characters or less, as this is the maximum length that most search engines will display.

In summary, an excellently written SEO meta description should be clear, concise and appealing and should provide the user with an overview of the page's content. To do this, use meaningful keywords and stick to the best practices mentioned above. With a little practice, you will quickly find out how to create the perfect meta description for your OXID eShop.

There are many testing tools that can help you check your Meta Descriptions. One of these tools is for example "Meta Description Tester" by SEOptimer. With this tool, you can check your meta descriptions for various aspects, such as length, use of keywords and readability.

Another useful tool is "PageSpeed Insights" from Google. With this tool, you can not only check the loading time of your page, but also the length of your meta descriptions. It is advisable to limit the meta descriptions to 120 to 150 characters so that they are fully displayed in the search results.

Another tool you could try is "SEO Meta in 1 Click" for Chrome. This tool not only shows you the meta descriptions of your own page, but also those of competitors. This way you can get an overview of what your competitors offer and align your own meta description with it.

It is therefore worth trying out some of these testing tools to find out how good your meta descriptions are and whether there is room for improvement. In this way, you can ensure that your OXID eShop is found in the search engines in the best possible way.

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