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A domain is the business card of a website and therefore of great importance for online marketing. The choice of the right domain has a direct influence on the visibility and success of a website. There are two basic types of domains: the brand domain and the keyword domain. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at both types and discuss which domain makes more sense for marketing.

This is why choosing the right domain is so important

A domain is the address of a website and is used as a unique identifier on the internet. The choice of a suitable domain therefore has a great influence on the success of a website and is an important factor for online marketing. A good domain is easy to remember, memorable and conveys the image and expertise of a brand.

What is a brand domain?

A brand domain represents the brand of a company or organisation. This domain is unique and should be as simple and easy to remember as possible. A brand domain is not a keyword, but a brand name of its own, such as "" or "".

What is a keyword domain?

A keyword domain is a domain that contains a certain keyword or catchword. These domains are often used for search engine optimisation (SEO), as they enable a website to be found better for certain search terms. An example of a keyword domain is "".

The domain is the basis of branding

A domain is the foundation of a distinctive brand. It should be unique and memorable in order to be easily recognised and remembered by potential customers. A distinctive domain can also help a brand be remembered and stand out from other brands.

A distinctive domain name has the following benefits

  • Increasing the awareness of a brand
  • Strengthening the image of a brand
  • Simplify advertising
  • Increasing the click-through rate to a website

Keyword or brand domain - which is better?

Whether a keyword or brand domain is better depends on the goals of a website and its target group. While a keyword domain allows for higher visibility in search engines, a brand domain can contribute to a stronger brand identity. A combination of both is the best choice in many cases, as both visibility and brand identity are strengthened.

Advantages and disadvantages of a keyword domain


  • Improved visibility in search engines
  • Increased relevance for specific keywords or search terms
  • Easy recognisability for the target audience


  • Possible restriction of creative freedom
  • Risk of overcrowding by other websites with similar keywords
  • Possible loss of brand identity

Advantages and disadvantages of a brand domain


  • Strengthening of brand identity
  • Uniqueness and memorability
  • Possibility of differentiation from other brands


  • Possible lower visibility in search engines
  • Possible difficulties in communicating content and offers

Combination of keyword and brand domain

A combination of keyword and brand domain can combine the best features of both types. An example of this would be a domain like "". This makes it possible to strengthen the brand identity and at the same time be more visible for certain keywords.

The right domain extension

Choosing the right domain extension is also of great importance. Here, it depends on the country or region in which the target group is located. In Germany, the ".de" extension is the most commonly used and most promising. Other common endings are ".com" or ".org".

Which domain extension should you use to build your brand sustainably?

For a sustainable brand, it is advisable to rely on a widely known and common domain extension such as ".com" or ".de". This increases the credibility and visibility of the brand and makes it easier for the target group to recognise. However, it is also important to check whether the desired domain with the desired extension is still available.


In terms of choosing the appropriate domain for a website, there are many factors to consider, including branding, search engine visibility and relevance to specific keywords. Whether a keyword domain or a brand domain is the better choice depends on the goals of the website and its target audience. A combination of the two can combine the best features of both types. Choosing the right domain extension is also important to increase brand credibility and visibility.

Overall, it is important to carefully consider and plan which domain is best suited for a particular website to strengthen the brand identity and achieve the website's goals.

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