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Customer success story

The vision of creating something that is good for people and brings them joy

Our chocolate story: How the journey began

In 2011, the founder and owner of CHOCQLATE, Julia Brodbeck, had a vision to create something that was good for people and brought them joy. She wanted to bring superfoods that were organic, healthy, fair, sustainable and vegan to the market. This was not an easy task, as she was absolutely new to the food industry at the time.

The first step was to track down good cocoa varieties that matched our quality promise. Our "Virgin Cacao" beans grow in pristine mixed jungle forests whose soils are rich in nutrients and provide the cocoa beans with many plant substances.

In 2013, we started offering do-it-yourself chocolate, a novelty on the German market. We made chocolate ourselves in numerous chocolate workshops and incorporated many suggestions and recipes from this time into our fine CHOCQLATE chocolates. We would like to thank everyone who experimented and tasted with us back then.

When we also travel to the countries of origin of cocoa, we convey the chocolate DIY to the local people, especially to children. It is always wonderful to look into their shining eyes. Many of them don't even know what becomes of "their" trees.

We would also like to thank Christoph Kuhn, who continues to expand CHOCQLATE alongside Julia. Thanks to his family we have access to this wonderful cocoa variety.

A big thank you also goes to my friend Andrea Mast, who together with us discovered many small cocoa plantations that produce particularly high-quality cocoa, family farms and small farmers with vision.


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