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Core Web Vitals are an important part of website optimisation, especially for online shop owners who want to improve the user experience of their visitors.

What are Core Web Vitals?

Core Web Vitals are metrics that evaluate the performance of a website from the user's perspective. These include metrics such as load time, layout stability and user interaction time. Google chose these metrics because they have a direct impact on the user experience and are therefore critical to a website's rankings in search engine results.

Why are Core Web Vitals important for online shop owners?

An online shop that loads slowly, is unreliable or offers poor interaction options will quickly lose its visitors. This can lead to potential customers leaving the website before they have even had a chance to buy anything. A high bounce rate can have a negative impact on the search engine ranking and thus also on the visibility of the page.

Therefore, it is important for online shop owners that their website performs well and offers a good user experience. Core Web Vitals are a useful tool here to measure and improve the performance of a website.

How can you improve Core Web Vitals?

There are many actions that can be taken to improve Core Web Vitals. Some examples are:

Optimising images and media to reduce load time. Using browser caching to reduce load time for returning visitors. Avoiding unnecessary scripts and code that affects interaction time. Using fast and reliable hosting providers.

There are also tools such as Lighthouse, developed by Google and available as part of Chrome DevTools or as an online service, which can be used to measure the performance of a website and provide optimisation suggestions.

Where does the Core Web Vitals data come from?

Core Web Vitals data comes mainly from the user's browser. When a user visits a website, the browser collects data about the website's performance, such as load time, layout stability and interaction time. This data is then sent to Google to evaluate the user experience and provide feedback and optimisation suggestions to website operators.


Core Web Vitals are important for online shop owners to be able to improve the user experience of their visitors. A well-performing and user-friendly website helps to keep potential customers on the site longer and increases the likelihood that they will make a purchase. It also has a positive impact on search engine rankings.

There are many measures that can be taken to improve core web vitals, such as optimising images and media, using browser caching, avoiding unnecessary scripts and code, and using fast and reliable hosting providers. Tools such as Lighthouse can also help measure a website's performance and provide optimisation suggestions.

So it pays to regularly monitor Core Web Vitals and take appropriate action to improve user experience and search engine rankings. Online shop operators in particular should not underestimate the importance and benefits of Core Web Vitals, as a well-performing website can be crucial to the success of the business.

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