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Discounts are an important part of any marketing strategy, especially in e-commerce. The right design of discount promotions can help to keep your customers excited and buying from you regularly. In this blog post, we go into the different forms of discounts and discuss how they affect your customers' buying behaviour. We explain how to effectively make customers aware of discounts, whether temporary or permanent discounts are better and how high discounts should be to have an effect.

Forms of discounts

There are different types of discounts that can be used in an OXID eShop. Here are some of the most common:

Gift addition: here the customer receives a free gift when they purchase a certain item. This type of discount promotion can be particularly effective if the gift fits well with the main product and is useful to the customer.

Voucher code: Customers can receive a discount by entering a specific voucher code when placing an order. This type of discount promotion is particularly useful if you want to encourage the customer to perform a specific action, such as subscribing to a newsletter.

Price reduction: A direct price reduction on a specific item or category of items. This type of discount promotion is particularly effective if you want to offer a clear price advantage to the customer.

Quantity discount: This is where the customer receives a discount when they purchase a certain quantity of an item. This type of discount promotion can be particularly effective if you want to encourage the customer to buy larger quantities of a particular item.

How discount promotions influence buying behaviour

A well-designed discount promotion can help customers get excited and make regular purchases from you. Here are some of the key benefits that good discount promotions can offer:

Customer loyalty: discounts can help customers shop with you for longer and identify with your brand.

Increasing sales: discounts can make customers more willing to spend more or shop with you more often.

Selling surplus or older products: Discounts can help sell surplus or older products faster.

Effectively inform customers about discounts

To ensure that your discount promotions really resonate with customers, it is important to promote them effectively. Here are some tips on how to make your customers aware of discounts:

Use email marketing: use email marketing to inform your customers about your current discount promotions.

Use social media: Use social media to promote your discount promotions.

Display discounts on your website: Display your current discount promotions on your website to ensure customers can easily find them.

Temporary or permanent discounts

Both types of discount promotions have their advantages and disadvantages. Time-limited discounts can make customers act quickly and spend more, but they can also make customers feel like they've missed out on a deal if they miss out on the promotion. Permanent discounts offer a clear price advantage for the customer, but they can lead to customers being less willing to spend more because they know the discount is always available.

How high should discounts be to have an effect?

The level of discount you offer depends on your business objectives and target audience. A high discount can help to get more customers to visit your shop and buy from you. However, you should make sure that your discounts are also profitable. A low discount can help customers visit your shop more regularly and buy from you, but it can also be harder to incentivise them.


Discount promotions in your OXID eShop can help to get more customers to visit your shop and buy from you. It is important that you choose the right form of discount promotions, inform your customers about them effectively and carefully consider the amount of the discounts. It is also common to place graphics or banners in the shop to alert customers to the existing discounts. These visual elements can draw customers' attention to the discounts and give them a clear idea of what to expect. These graphics or banners can be placed on the home page, on product pages or in email marketing campaigns to ensure that customers see them.

A special sales section in the shop can also be helpful to inform customers about existing discounts. Here, customers can get an overview of all current discount promotions and easily compare them. This can help customers stay longer in the shop and buy more products, as they have a clear overview of all offers.

With a well thought-out discount strategy, you can increase your sales figures and build strong customer loyalty. Ultimately, it is important that you make your customers aware of the existing discounts and encourage them to shop with you.

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