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One way to increase sales is cross-selling, i.e. selling accessory products to main products. In this blog post we will look at how to successfully sell accessory products using OXID eShop.

Identify accessory products

Before you can start cross-selling, you first need to determine which products qualify as accessories. To do this, you should think about which products are relevant to your customers and what kind of accessories they might need. For example, if you are selling cameras, you could also offer camera bags, memory cards or additional lenses as accessories.

A good way to identify accessory products is to analyse customer feedback and reviews. Look at what problems or needs your customers often express and what solutions or products they are looking for. This information can help you find relevant accessories for your customers.

Presentation of accessory products

Once you know which accessory products you want to sell, it is important to present them in an appealing way. There are several ways to do this:

Recommendations: You can show your customers recommendations for accessory products directly on the product page. These recommendations should be as personalised as possible and based on the customer's interests and needs.

Bundles: Another possibility is to create so-called bundles, i.e. packages of the main product and accessories. These can be offered at a lower price and are particularly attractive to customers who are interested in both products anyway.

Placement of accessory products: Placing accessory products on your website can also help to sell them successfully. For example, you could display accessory products near the main product or set up a special category for accessories. Pop-up windows or email marketing campaigns can also be used to draw customers' attention to accessories.

Focus on customer needs

To successfully sell accessory products, you should always focus on the customer's need. This includes addressing their questions and concerns. For example, customers might be interested in whether the accessory is compatible with other brands or whether it has special features. Therefore, prepare well for possible questions and make sure to provide enough information about the accessory products.

Use customer reviews

Another way to successfully sell accessory products is to use customer reviews. These can help you build customer confidence in your accessory products. Therefore, make sure that you display accessory product reviews on your website and use them specifically in your marketing efforts.


OXID eShop offers many opportunities to successfully sell accessory products. By identifying relevant accessories, presenting them in an appealing way and always focusing on the customer's need, you can increase sales of accessory products. You can also use customer reviews to increase customer confidence in your accessory products.

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