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Link building is an important component in the field of search engine optimisation (SEO). It is about getting external links to one's own website in order to improve visibility and thus also the desired rankings in the search engines. But link building is also a tricky topic and there are many mistakes that should be avoided. In this article, we will go into the most important things to consider when link building for the OXID eShop.

Doing link building the right way

In order to do link building properly, there are some important things to consider. First of all, the links should of course fit the topic and be placed on relevant websites. Link quality is also crucial: a link from a reputable and trustworthy website is considered more valuable by search engines than a link from a spam site.

It is also important to focus on a certain link diversity. This means that not all links should be placed on the same page, but on different sub-pages and in different contexts. The anchor texts, i.e. the words or phrases used for the link, should also be varied and not always contain the same term.

Avoiding mistakes in link building

There are some mistakes that can easily be made in link building, but should be avoided. One common mistake is buying links. Search engines like Google are very concerned that rankings occur naturally and are not influenced by purchased links. Anyone who buys links therefore risks being penalised by Google and a sharp drop in rankings.

So-called "link spamming" should also be avoided. This is when links are placed on websites in an unnatural way and in large numbers in order to improve rankings. Here, too, there is a risk of being penalised by Google.

Another mistake that can easily be made is using questionable link sources. These include, for example, links from spam websites or from websites that Google classifies as dubious. Such links can not only cause one's own website to drop in the rankings, but also lead to it being removed from the index altogether by Google.

It is therefore important to make sure that the links come from trustworthy and reputable websites and are not bought. Link spamming and using questionable link sources should also be avoided at all costs.

Develop a link building strategy

In order to successfully linkbuild for the OXID eShop, it is important to develop a good linkbuilding strategy. This includes first of all the identification of link opportunities. For example, this can be done by conducting research on business directories or analysing the competition to see which websites they are getting links from.

It is also important to focus on creating quality content that will be linked to from other websites. This can be done by writing interesting blog posts or creating infographics that are shared by other websites, for example.

Another option is to create guest posts on other websites. This involves publishing a post on another website that contains a link to your own website. Creating press releases and sponsoring events can also be a good way to get links.


In conclusion, link building is an important part of search engine optimisation. To successfully linkbuild for the OXID eShop, it is important to get links from trustworthy and relevant websites and to pay attention to a certain link diversity. Also, no links should be bought and link spamming should be avoided. To get links, one can develop a link building strategy that includes, for example, creating high-quality content, guest posting on other websites or sponsoring events.

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