Tips and tricks for shop owners

Tips and tricks for eshop owners


Becoming a shop owner is easy, staying a shop owner is often more difficult. In this category we provide you with tips and tricks all arround your eshop business.

OXID eShop backup management

OXID eShop backup management

Within this article we take a look on how to create full a full backup of your OXID eShop system. With this backup it is possible to bring a crashed OXID eShop system back to live. You will need to have commandline access to finish this tutorial.

An OXID eShop backup consists of two seperate components. The filesystem where your pictures and shop programm code is stored and the database where your product and customer data is stored.

Both components are needed to bring a crashed OXID eShop system back online.

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Build better page titles for more click traffic from google and co

Get attractive search results at google & co

Not only positions and keyword search volumes count much for online offerings. Attractive and interesting page titles and meta information are as much responsible for click through traffic to your pages. Content quality richness and a bit of quantity are playing a great role to make you rank in the search engines. To long titles will be displayed truncated and you lose click through traffic.

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15 useful tipps for oxid eshop owners

15 useful tips to get started with OXID eShop

In this article we share 15 useful tips to get started with OXID eShop as a shopping cart system. Based on the actual responsive template named “Flow”, we point some pitfalls of the system and offer some advices to structure your content. We point out frequently made errors that we discover in our daily business as an OXID eSales partner agency that often gets shop projects that were initially started by non developers.

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How to write good product descriptions for shops

How to write good product descriptions for eshops

It’s hard to stay competitve between all the online sellers these days. Shops are rising and falling each day so you have to follow some strategy to stand out with your expertise. So how to accomplish this? Selling products online is really different from selling products in a local store or mall where you have your sales forces in direc contact to your customers. Also different senses of awareness perform when you sell online. There is no possibility to feel nor to smell the product, no physically connection to packaging and not so many emotional advertising possibilites as in a store. So other concepts of getting possible customers in touch with your products are required badly. The pure description and technical aspects are counting as much as the prize aspect of your products in comparison to all the other shops online. So how do we win the competition, how can we inform our visitors best about our beloved products? This article got you covered with strategies of content creation and structuring as well as pro and cons of story telling for different product groups.

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Free product images with GIMP

Free product images from backgrounds using GIMP

Photoshop is expensive, so how to free your product pictures from their unneeded background without having many costs? One possible solution is the no cost and open source software solution GIMP. With gimp it is quite easy to free your images from their backgrounds, and we tell you how you accomplish it in this post. Freeing images like a professional – this post got you covered!

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html email client compatibility

HTML compatibility of mailing clients in the age of smartphones

One should mean that email handling in the modern ages of smartphones, should be an easy task if you stick to common web standards. Maybe a little hack here and there to get the mail fit for the different clients behaviours that maybe use earlier internet explorer parsing engines but that should be alright, too.

By working on a special email design in OXID eShop for one of our customers, we learned the difference the hard way. We used a backend email debugging extension tool for oxid eshop to view the first versions directly in the browser and after a few lines of code we ran our first test. Everything looked fine and was responsive in thunderbird, osx mail and office 2016 for mac osx. So we pushed it to our staging systems for further testing it with some software of our client. And here we go: Outlook in Microsoft Windows did not perform very well.

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